The Thread of Time. BAATZ

7 ways to writte Baatz

Baatz: The thread of time, spirituality, couple, connection, art

It is a cone that has rolled time which is unrolling down and reaches the globe of the earth passing through the hooks that are the polarities of being, male and female.

It is the first day of time, the first day of the sacred calendar cholquij baatz is the cominzo, the beginning, the time, the art, the love, the couple.

Hunchove and Hunbaatz were made the same, 8 baatz is the celebration of the Mayan New Year

It is the beginning of life, of infinite time and of unity.

Baatz simobolizes the cosmic phenomena and the original wisdom the uncoiled time, the evolution and the human life.

Tzacol and Bitol threw a thread to the confines of the universe, they folded and returned it, it is the divinity that made heaven and earth, this thread unfolds as time passes, time weaves history, as with the threads are woven garments.

He is the nahual of the artists.

If we talk about counting the time we talk about calendars, but also talk about the understanding of the different movements through land which stars other planets and galaxies ourselves without realizing we are subject,
The magic of these movements make up the different energy convinations that give us life cycles, and all things being all part of the same fabric, all connected to each other. Dancing in harmony, it is said measured time and that time was unwound like a thread and that is why it is said that Baatz is the thread of time with which güipiles are made. The thread of fate, the thread of the history of time, the navel.

Baatz, symbolizes the origin, the beginning of the first nahual of the sacred calendar.
represents older siblings, it represents the first,  represents the divine twins who are called Hun Baatz and Hun Chowen the other. they were the ones who became monkeys. (Popol Vuh)

Hun Ajpu e Ixbalamque are brothers of Hun Baatz and Hun Chowen. Batz also represents the unity and it is for this reason that governs marriage or union, the union of the balambeb they were four. in the book says, and then when awakened from sleep found their wives.
 It gives us the reference number 8, which is the beginning of life. DNA chains are formed in pairs, four on one side and four on the other, when they are attached form number 8.

Mayan ceremony new year is celebrated 8th Baatz, but the 9th Baatz is important because it is the day of the entire female nature, both days the formation of human beings is celebrated.

8 Baatz: To have a new life, it is necessary that the 2 arms and 2 legs from  woman and man get together  2 + 2 = 4 and  4x2 = 8

that is why the 8th batz begins to unroll the thread of time and is also the day that the new ajquijab or Mayan priests are presented to the comunity

Kukulkan was the inventor of measures time or calendrical calculations dating back to Ajpu dated 4 / Ahau 8 kumku 3500 B.C.

 In the sacred book of the Mayan quiches he says:
"The sky was measured and the measuring line and this was extended in heaven and on earth in the four corners of the four corners is brought."

It seems that refers to the measurement of the orbits, creating time, caused by movement and space.

The Mayans had about 20 different calendars including the ekokib or calendar cycles venus, also ek ox handling cycles sirus, ekmoluk to understand the cycles of the planet Mars, ikix, based on movements of the moon. the ekchumuil or sacred calendar of the Pleiades, bolom ajaw called the nine lords studying the pulsations of the sun, or human calendar Cholquij among others.

They learned to calculate the time between other things to make their crops and determine the seasons. And they positioned their buildings at key points related to an accurate reflected cosmic map on earth.

  They say that studying in the night watching the stars reflected in the water and then so did their records. Tikal is built entirely directed toward the Pleiades.

The Mayan world as they themselves indicate
  It comes from a previous mother civilization. and it is also said that this place is where our first parents came and is the place where reality emerges.
Equinoxes and solstices: the time is divided into equinoxes and solstices

The first twenty starting in the day called hun batz ( 1 Baatz) take us to the celebration of
 the Mayan new year, this day is called waqxaquij batz, (8baatz)  means that if you count 20 days starting from Hun Baatz you arrive to 8 Baatz wich is the waqxaquj baatz. 

The Maya counted time as the intensity of the sun and its daily process taking into account the sunrise until the sun set in the evening. 5 am doing twelve-hour periods
5 a.m. / power 1
Eight nine numbers are very important since they represent the most sun of the day being the twelve and one
The time within the concept of the Mayan cross will be divided into 3 parts, because a day has 24 hours running time grouped in late morning and night as follows:
  5 AM. 1 PM. = 8 Hours
  2 P.M. 9 P.M. = 8 Hours
10p.m. 5 A.M 3x8 = 8 hours = 24 hours or one day.

The thread of time, spirituality, family, connection, art
 The Glyph is a cone having the time which is unwound rolled down and reaches the earth globe through the hooks that are the polarities of being, male and female.
It is the first day of the time,  Baatz is the beginning, time, art, love, couple, is fire, east and the first energy of the Sacred Cholquij Mayan Calendar. the animal that represents this energy is the monkey.

Hunchowen and Hunbaatz, became themselves. 8 Baatz is the day of celebration of the New Year Maya
It is the beginning of life, the beginning of infinite time and also the unit.

Baatz, symbolizes cosmic phenomena, the original wisdom unwound time, evolution and human life.

Tzacol and Bitol launched a thread to the edge of the universe, turned and returned, is the divinity who made heaven and earth, this thread unwinds in as time passes, time weaves the story, as well as with the threading huipiles (dresses.) weave
It is the artists nahual

Baatz : El hilo del tiempo, la espiritualidad, la pareja, la conexión , el arte

Es un cono que tiene el tiempo enrollado el cual va desenrollándose hacia abajo y llega al globo de la tierra pasando por los ganches que son las polaridades del ser, masculina y femenina.

Es el primer dia del tiempo, el primer dia del calendario sagrado cholquij baatz es el cominzo, el principio, el tiempo , el arte, el amor, la pareja.

Hunchoven y Hunbaatz se hicieron asi mismo, 8 baatz es la celebración del ano nuevo maya

Es el prinicipio de la vida, del tiempo infinito y de la unidad.

Baatz simoboliza los fenómenos cósmicos y la sabiduría original el tiempo desenrollado , la evolución y la vida humana.

Tzacol y Bitol lanzaron un hilo al confin del universo, lo doblaron y lo retornaron , es la divinidad que hizo el cielo y la tierra , este hilo se desernrolla en la medida que pasa el tiempo, el tiempo teje la historia, asi como con los hilos se tejen los vestidos.

Es el nahual de los artistas.