Mayan Cross 13 : 20

Time is not always the same, the movement of the snake explains this philosophy. Grandmothers and Grandfathers say, that the skin of the snake changed 13 times, and this is the movement that represents its undulating body in the passage of the sun in the Milky Way.

13 times 20 is equal to 260
The details of huipil of Santiago Sacatepequez show us a bit this mathematical pattern that was hidden from the spaniards.


The number 13 represents 13 important articulation in our body and the number 20 each of the days of the sacred cholquij mayan calendar, but also the fingers and toes in our body,  20 is divided in 4, giving us 5 , five fingers and toes are asociated to each element, fire, earth, wind, water.

13 times 20 is equal to 260 and 260 is equal to 9 months, 9 months that represent the period of gestation for a new life to birth.