“Aqabaal” is the manifestation of light in the sense of travel, time, and light. This helps us better understand how we are just light traveling in the immensity of the cosmos, the planets, stars and galaxies. We are all dancing together in the celebration of life and the nature of things. What amazes me the most is to think that we have a conscious. For that reason, I dance around the world, the fire. This creates the connection to thank the creator and the shaper, they let us see that we need to learn in this life that, often referred to as “magic time.” Aqabaal is also one of the days in the sacred Mayan calendar, Cholquij, which means in the Mayan language “to count the days or the time,” and when you do that you become a Day Keeper, or Ajquij, a Mayan priest. Aqabaal is the energy that represent the first ray of light of the day and the last one of the night. It represents polarity, the synchronicity of the things. The energy that connects the sunrise with the sunset, the sun with the moon, manifestation of cycles and calendars, is cold and warm. The light and the shadow two contraries energies that at the same time are harmonics.